Free IT Course - Introduction to Data Analytics at ReDI School of Digital Integration

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ReDI School is a non-profit tech school for women with migrant- and refugee background, offering a free program, including IT and tech courses on several levels.

Our focus is to create digital empowerment by supporting women in getting access to digital skills and a social & professional network in Denmark. We also work for more diversity and inclusion in the Danish labor market - and especially within the IT field. We believe that newcomers are a great opportunity for society and we are here to give them a helping hand to make use of their potential.

Introduction of Data Analytics Course

You will learn:

Tilbuddet er for dig, som…

  • For women with migrant and Refugee background and want to take part in a free program including IT and tech courses on several levels.


Vil du være frivillig her?

Help our students build a brighter future

Our mission at ReDI School is supported by the tech community across Denmark & Germany, who teach, mentor and support our students along the way. We are looking for a variety of volunteers who can bring their professional experience to help our students grow. Fill in the application form or meet us at one of our events to find out about possibilities to get involved.

Volunteer as a teacher

Volunteer teachers teach* groups of 10-20 learners during a semester. Each semester lasts 3-4 months and each course runs 1 time a week. You will be in a team consisting of 5-7 of other volunteer teachers. You rotate within your teaching team so you can work more flexibly and you will be teaching in groups of 2-3 in each session.

Teachers are involved from the selection of students to planning classes and updating the curriculum. Teaching material exists, but teaching teams always improve it together.


ReDI School for Digital Integration Denmark
Æbeløgade 2, 8000 Aarhus C
Åbningstid: Course start in September 15th every Thursday until December 8th


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